Duty Officer
(318) 442-6603

Chief of Police
(318) 449-5655

(318) 449-5652

(318) 449-5653

Public Information
(318) 442-8632



The Pineville Police Department shall provide the highest quality of service to our citizens and to the visitors of our community.

We are dedicated to the preservation of peace and the enforcement of laws of the State of Louisiana and City of Pineville ordinances; and the safeguarding of human life, property and the Constitutional rights of all citizens.

This will be accomplished while striving to achieve the goals of the department, the city, and the community. We are committed to the highest professional standards, working in partnership with our citizens to problem solving and meet the challenges of reducing crime, creating a safer environment.


We, the members of the Pineville Police Department, are committed to excellence in leadership, providing progressive and proactive services, developing community partnerships, and building for the future.


We, the members of the Pineville Police Department, value the following in our members and our organization:

Unity – We are united together in the common goal to give the best service to the citizen, visitors, and community.

Integrity –We vow to conduct ourselves in a manner that attests to our personal honor, virtue, and incorruptibility.

Loyalty – We will show allegiance to ourselves, our department, the City of Pineville, our community and to those who came before us and sacrificed so much to ensure the safety of our citizens.

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